How should I prepare for a tan?

The best way to prepare is to shower and shave the day of your tan. Exfoliating is very important because it will help your tan last longer. Using exfoliating gloves dry before you get in the shower guarantees a great exfoliation. Please try to schedule manicure/pedicures, sugaring, and/or waxing appointments before the spray tan.

What do I wear during a tan?

What you decide to wear during your tan is completely up to you! Women usually prefer to go nude, so they don't have tan lines. You are more than welcome to wear bra/underwear, swimsuit, or whatever suits you. 

What should I wear after the tan?

Please wear dark, loose, comfortable clothing after your tan. For foot wear please wear flip flops or loose shoes. Anything tight has the possibility of leaving a line.

When can I shower after the tan?

The tan needs to set a minimum of 8 hours before you shower. When you do take a shower please lightly rinse without using soaps, scrubs, or exfoliants. Lightly towel off after your shower and your tan is set!